Nikon Nikkor AF-S 14-24mm f/2.8G ED Photo #46 Carcassonne

Well, I decided to process a lot of the images from my trips across Europe over the last few years. Recently, I haven't done many landscapes and cityscapes, so Ive decided to get back into them. The main reason for this, is the fact that my best friend, Anthony, has decided to move across the pond to Canada. Best friends since we were 11, he was my travel companion, my ally and my source of inspiration. We spent most of our adult life travelling across the UK, and across Europe, having fun and taking photos. For all those years, we were inseparable, the closest two friends can ever be. Like I say, a year ago, he decided to move to Canada, to be with a girl he met on Facebook. Now, they have a child and are married...and I haven't seen him since. So all of these images are dedicated to my distant friend. He was with me when I took all of them, and without him, Id have never have taken them. So I just thought that I would post these images, as lately Ive been feeling very nostalg...

Technical Details

Nikon D700
1/30 s
24 mm
100 ISO