Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM Photo #1 30 days of 85mm

(30 of 30) Home made fair trade choc pie! so filling it has so much syrup & butter in it! we have eaten half of it already and just feel so stodgy! well that's the end of this project can't wait to use my 16mm again I've missed it, now I've got work out how to use my lenses together. Ok to do a mini review on this lens: Pros So lovely and sharp when you get your focus right Can turn everyday scenes into something stunning Soaks up all the light in the room and pushes the limit The 85m length can be good at disguising what your taking pictures of not too heavy ok maybe a bit geeky, but nice to look at! as expected - solid! Cons It is slow to focus and is not good for movement at all. I'm not very good with manual focus as well so it a painful con. Not a very close minimal focus rate Can be hard to get the focus you want on automatic, often I have to select my focus points which is not a big deal these are all quite obvious things though really, it's an amazing lens and ...

Technical Details

Canon EOS 5D Mark II
1/160 s
85 mm
800 ISO