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  • Macro and Close-up

    A great macro close up photo of a daisy

    f/16 @ 60mm by tambako

    Macro lenses allow you to capture small details and make them look larger than life! Taking great macro photos requires a lens with 1:1 magnification.

  • Wide angle

    A wide angle view of a city scape

    f/11 @ 10mm by agustinrafaelreyes

    Wide angle lenses capture large scenes or large groups and create an interesting perspective.

  • Telephoto

    A telephoto photo of a man's face

    f/4.5 @ 200mm by okko pyykko

    Telephoto lenses with focal lengths 200mm or more let you get zoom in to your subject from a distance.

  • Fisheye

    Vancouver downtown fisheye shot

    f/2.8 @ 15mm by darrenstone

    Fisheye lenses offer capture extremely wide images and distort images with a circular effect

  • Tilt-shift

    Monster trucks in minature thanks to a tilt-shift lens

    f/8 @ 50mm by okilic

    With tilt-shift lenses you can very selectively choose what parts of the image will be in focus, and create wonderful minature effects

  • Portrait

    A black and white portrait of a man

    f/1.4 @ 50mm by trentroche

    Longer focal lengths such as 85mm are flattering to the human face, whereas wider focal lengths tend to distort.

  • Sports and Action

    A football shot from the Jets vs the Eagles

    f/5.6, 1/500s @ 300mm by yourdon

    Capturing people playing sports or fast action requires a wide aperture telephoto lens, so you can use a fast shutter speed to stop motion.

  • Landscape

    Blue mountain view

    f/8 @ 18mm by nosha

    Capture breathtaking landscapes with narrow apertures keeping everything in focus.

  • Low light

    A low light shot without a flash

    f/1.4 @ 35mm by lylevincent

    Get natural light shots without a flash with a fast lens, f/2.8 is considered fast but you might want f/1.8 or f/1.4 in many situations!

  • Wild life

    A telephoto shot of a lion

    f/6.3 @ 550mm by tambako

    Shooting wildlife typically requires big telephoto lenses, so you can get close to the action!

  • Travel

    A travel shot of Machu Picchu in Peru with the sun coming up

    f/8 @ 18mm by funkz

    Find a great all-in-one lens that covers both wide angle and telephoto for your next trip!

  • All lenses

    Perfect geometry

    f/11 @ 40mm by felipe_gabaldon

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A wide angle view of a city scape
A wide angle view of a city scape

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